Forex calendar news: How to Prepare a Forex News Calendar

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It displays every single event in chronological order, and lists both the time and date that each event is due to happen. An economic calendar is a resource that allows traders to learn about upcoming news events. You can use our Economic Calendar to search past economic events and understand how they affect the forex markets. The forex market is the biggest financial market in the world, processing approximately $7.5 trillion worth of trades each day, which is 30 times larger than the daily global gross domestic product . According to the Bank for International Settlements Triennial survey conducted in April 2022, market volatility has risen since 2019. You can learn how this report affects foreign exchange rates and how to make money using nonfarm payrolls here.

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This is the list of major forex economic events that can influence foreign exchange rates. Read on about the important economic events that traders track, how they influence foreign exchange rates, and how you can make money trading the news. Given increased volatility levels and abrupt fluctuations in currency exchange rates amid increased geopolitical tensions, adopting a sound forex strategy is crucial to trade currencies profitably.

  • No matter what market you trade, it is necessary to stay updated on the news which can affect stocks, currencies, indices, and bonds.
  • Start using the Economic calendar by choosing the time zone of your location.
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  • Each currency is a direct reflection of the economic, political, and social stability of a country.
  • It is enough to follow the trend, that is the opinion of the majority.

There are events like changes in the level of discount rates made by central banks , or the release of statistics on inflation, the number of employees, etc. Such data, if published, is able to channel the quotes of Forex market assets, stock and commodity markets into long-term trends. Such manifestations arise directly or indirectly, and fall into the domain of interest of investors who can use the economic calendar for long-term forecasting and investments.


It covers the balance of payments, GDP rate and industrial production, inflation rate, price indexes, and other economic data. The economic fx calendar is the list of upcoming events grouped by countries, importance , and so on. An event, scheduled in the daily economic calendar, which goes on in a country directly influences its local currency and market conditions. In case you are experienced enough, they perform the analysis of previous macroeconomic data, as well as the reaction of the main market players and how it reflects in the dynamics of asset quotes. It is also important to get acquainted with the opinion of market experts and more experienced traders, get general market commentary and advice from independent experts on the Internet, including FXOpen blog. At the beginning of a new trading day , a trader opens the economic calendar and notes the important macroeconomic news.



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Challenger Job-Cut Report provides information on the number of announced corporate layoffs by industry and region. In France, Payroll Employment in the Private Sector refers to the number of persons, regardless of work duration, in employment on the last day of the quarter. Until the third quarter of 2010, data refers only to mainland France. From the fourth quarter of 2010 onwards, employment estimates cover all France . Machine Tool Orders measures the change in the total value of new orders placed with machine tool manufacturers.

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Technical instruments need to be used and to observe the predictions. Note that you don’t have to listen to the speech of the Bank of England governor . It is enough to follow the trend, that is the opinion of the majority. So, I still recommend reading the news or listening to direct speech, to pick up the start of the new trend early and start trading. After the news has been released and the market has reacted, it helps to analyze the impact of the fundamental factor on investors’ opinion. Due to the calendar, a trader is informed about when and in which country a national holiday is celebrated, which is a bank holiday.

Economic calendar in Asia – Monday, 6 March 2023 – Australian inflation – ForexLive

Economic calendar in Asia – Monday, 6 March 2023 – Australian inflation.

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The events calendar also shows the time and date of when the indicator data was released, the currency that they are expected to affect, and each indicator’s impact level. Most indicators have numerical values, which may be expressed as a percentage or as a currency value. They reflect the impact the particular indicator had or is going to have, either positive or negative.

The investing in stocks market is traded 24/7 and is largely driven by economic news and data. If you’re trading Forex, having an up to date Economic calendar is a must. Medium volatility – an important news release that will have a moderate impact on the Forex market. As a Forex trader, you need to understand the chart patterns and identify economic signals to make sound forecasts. This is the main advantage and reason behind creating and referring to a calendar. Trading on news releases does not always prove to be profitable, as a trader can miss something important.

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Choose from standard, commissions, or DMA to get the right pricing model to fit your trading style and strategy. Events on the calendar are graded low, medium and high, depending on their likely degree of market impact. Our gain and loss percentage calculator quickly tells you the percentage of your account balance that you have won or lost. Find the approximate amount of currency units to buy or sell so you can control your maximum risk per position. You can set up an individual notification for each and every economic event which will send you an email notification at the pre-determined time interval.

Types of Economic Events That Happen in the Calendar

Mark Carney has signalled that the Bank of England is willing to lower the interest rate from 0.75% to 0.5% if the weakness of the UK economy continues, gave a general market commentary. This has strengthened the pound against the US dollar allowing it to hit its two-week low. One could have earned about 40 points on this new over 30 minutes.

  • Leveraged margin trading and binary options entail a high risk of losing money rapidly.
  • This post will teach you how to interpret and successfully apply the Forex factory calendar into your trading.
  • RoboForex is striving to provide its clients with as comfortable conditions as possible, that’s why access to useful materials in the Financial calendar is easy and convenient.
  • Both cryptocurrencies and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money.

Unemployment Rate – this is a percentage of people seeking jobs and will indicate how healthy the labor force and, thus, the economy really is. The US Treasury Yield Curve – shows the ratio between short-term Treasury bills and long-term Treasury bonds. This indicator successfully predicted eight major recessions of the past years.


Consequently, using a calendar will hone your ability to recognize valuable news and their impact. So be patient with yourself and keep learning throughout your trading journey. Our major economic events calendar is updated automatically as the reports come out. FBS is there to offer timely updates to the economic calendar, but we cannot be held accountable for any delays due to the immoderate flow of trading news events.