Invalid Social Security Numbers on W2s: Employers Notified


Annual filing of the 1095-C form became mandatory for the 2015 tax year. Forms verifying offers of employer-provided health insurance and coverage for 2018 should be distributed in January 2019. Amounts reported on previous Forms 941 as wages are, in fact, employer payments to an independent contractor.


Additionally, if you participate in E-Verify, you must retain a copy of any document any employee presents that triggers photo matching. If an employee presents a U.S. passport card, Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551), or the Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766), you must copy the front and back of these cards. If the employee presents a U.S. passport, you must copy the front page and the back barcode page. The confirmation receipt printed from the USCIS website states that it is not a receipt notice and cannot be used as evidence of a pending application. Form I-797C, Notice of Action, which is mailed to the employee by USCIS is an acceptable receipt to acknowledge that an application for a replacement EAD has been submitted. If employment authorization is granted in these cases, USCIS issues an Employment Authorization Document as evidence of employment authorization.

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An H-1B employee who is verifying continued H-1B employment authorization may choose to present his or her Form I-94 as List C #7 document. The employee must present acceptable evidence of employment authorization to show they are still authorized to work. When the employer determines the document is unexpired, appears to be genuine, and relates to the employee, they must record the document title, document number, and expiration date, if any, in Section 3, then sign and date Section 3. This amount is subject to state and City taxes and must be added back to the taxable wages in Box 1 when you file your taxes.


MEUC is NOT available for What Must The Employer Do If The Employee Social Security Number Is Incorrect?s claimants received Pandemic Unemployment Assistance . The program provided eligible claimants with an additional $300 in benefits for each of the qualifying weeks. LWAP was only available for the weeks ending August 1, 2020 through September 5, 2020. When you arrive at the law enforcement agency, the officer will supply you with the K-FRD 102 Identity Verification – Law Enforcement Office form. Fill out Section A. The officer will fill out Section B using the identity verification documents you provide them.

Correct your employee’s Social Security number

They may be delayed because of holidays or temporarily held while an issue is being investigated. You must file your weekly claim while any investigation is in progress. If there are no issues on your claim, payments are normally received two to three business days after you file your weekly claim. If you are unemployed for any reason other than lack of work, the reason you lost your job may have a bearing on whether you receive benefits. Each time you become unemployed and apply for unemployment benefits, you must provide the reason you are unemployed. We will call to gather more information about an unemployment insurance claim.

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How Long Does a Background Check Take? Ultimate Guide.

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You must wages earned for the week in which you actually worked for those wages, not the week in which you received payment for that work. This includes any pay received as a Reservist for weekend drill and annual training participation. You may also refer your employees to the withholding allowance calculator. Remember that this application is to help employees to ensure that they do not have too much or too little income tax withheld from their pay. It is not a replacement for Form W-4, but most people will find it more accurate and easier to use than the worksheets that accompany Form W-4.

List C Documents – Work Authorization

Some banks do offer notifications for your account but you would need to contact your bank. Make sure the address on file is the most current one we have. The Kansas Department of Labor cannot assist in answering any questions about child support cases.

  • According to the Department of Homeland Security , you can verify information for employees who have completed an I-9 form.
  • You should correct your records accordingly and resubmit the corrected data.
  • You can make an anonymous report, but providing us with your contact information allows us to obtain additional information if necessary.
  • The SSA began mailing notifications to employers that submitted at least one name and SSN combination on Form W-2 that don’t match their records.